Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekly Fliers (10/22/09)

This time of year there always seems to be a reason to celebrate. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries; I always seem to be invited to something this time of year. That also stretches into things music related.

We often times see live shows as this here and then gone instance, only to exist in memory never to be relived. Pictures can burn or fade but memories can never be taken away. Such is the existence of The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles. I remember seeing my first show there. It was Badly Drawn Boy and it was an amazing performance that taught me how one live performance can elevate a CD that I previously thought as just above average to something that is landmark in my life. I'm sad to hear that The Knitting Factory is closing. Yet this is not a time to mourn it's passing but to celebrate the good times we had there and to add one last one. On October 23rd, the final Bluebeat Lounge will take place featuring The Chris Murray Combo, La Resistancia, The Debonaires, Buck O Nine, Knock Out, and many others. Should be an awesome time.

Another reason to celebrate is the birth of something for instance the release of a new album. On October 24th, Michael Naht will be releasing his debut album and throwing a record release party at the Vermont House. Michael Naht will be performing along with Voice on Tape, Halloween Swim team, Narwhal Party, and a few other bands. Should be an awesome time as usual, one I hope to be taking part in.

Well, that's all I have time for this week. A couple other ones that I want to mention in passing, Bi-Polar Bear on November 2nd, Moment Trigger at Women of Crenshaw on October 24th, Jeremy Jay and Christmas Island at Soda Bar, tonight, and also tonight Serengeti & Polyphonic with Griefshare at The Boar Cross'n. As always check with the venue for any schedule changes or cancellations.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly Fliers (10/9/09)

These days, with the cooler weather and all, you'd think I'd find more and more fliers for shows. Maybe it's just me and I'm just not trying hard enough to find the fliers. Maybe that's it. Either way, I'd rather be out and about these days than behind my computer, trolling the internet for upcoming shows. I'm sure that there are dozens of shows that I missed. Forgive me. Let me get my fill of this wonderful weather and I'll be back to normal, whatever that may be.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Some shows I'd like to point out; first off is Domestic Disturbances: Part Two featuring Neon Navajo, Not the Government, AxRxM, and Wet Dreams at the Bixel House. I was supposed to go to this show but seeing as how the economy is in the crapper so is my wallet. I'm there in spirit though. Also tomorrow night in San Diego at the Soda Bar is the Blessure Grave, Trudgers, No Paws No Lions, and Secret Tones show. Family Time shows are always great lineups. Another show wherein I'll have to be at only in spirit. Why? Because I'll be at the Turkish Techno, Bonsai!, and No Naci Aqui show at J Dee's in Palm Springs. Fun times to be had for all at that show! I'd also like to mention that our good friend, Griefshare, will be performing with one of my current favorite hip hop acts right now, Polyphonic and Serengeti somewhere in San Diego on October 22nd. I don't know where exactly they'll be performing but I'm sure if you check out any of the Myspace pages for any one of the artists performing on that bill you can figure that out. Coincidentally, that show falls on the same day that Why? will be performing at the Loft at UCSD. (Sorry Dan, I've already got my tickets for Why?) And finally, I thought I'd mention this show, not because I'm a fan of their music, but because I've got word from a reputable source, the FYF Fest twitter, that at the Vampire Weekend show in Lomita, CA, there will be free KFC at that show! I'd go for the KFC even if the music is of the over-hyped variety.

That's all I've got for this week. Remember, always check with the venue for any schedule changes or cancellations. Now, I'm off to take a long walk with my dog. Take care.

Video: Foot Village - Anti-Magic

This video is a collaboration between Foot Village and Cris Cichocki. The song, Anti-Magic, is from their latest album of the same name. This video is like a whirlpool; it just sucks you in. Highly recommended to those of the ADD set. Enjoy!!!

FOOT VILLAGE "ANTI-MAGIC" from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

For more Foot Village check out

For more Cris Cichocki check out

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review: Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Gemini

My blog is dedicated to the music of Southern California. Yet, I've been known to bend the rules from time to time, I usually stick to my guns. Here's the thing, when Southern California label Deathbomb Arc, run by members of the band Foot Village, offers to send you three of their upcoming releases to review, you jump at the chance. Deathbomb Arc is know for their offbeat and very experimental releases ranging from noise to ambient and everything in between, the three albums I've been given to review are that and then some. This is the first review of the three, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji's album, Gemini.

This duo from Glasgow, UK, for me, have come epitomize what noise music is capable of. Upon first listening to their album, Gemini, I thought it would be the stereotypical meandering and fiddling of knobs that I have come to accept of most noise acts. And in most cases that's all they ever seem to be; no objective, no structure, just seemingly aimless plunking away at pedals and noise generators. Don't get me wrong, I like that sort of stuff in live settings. The chaotic mashing of pedals and twisting of knobs brings me back to a place in my childhood where being as noisy as possible was an absolute joy at times. Still I do search for more substance out of my art. That's where BSBF come in.

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji are less noodling, more chaotic. The first track, "Laksa Bath", the chaos starts out as static and brilliantly blends into the background yet other elements come in to drive you mad. The track bleeds into a hum then sputters out like a robot malfunctioning. But my favorite track has to be "Sun Ra Was a Wookie". Clocking in at a lengthy 10 minutes, the song never loses steam which, for me, is an accomplishment in and of itself. Other noise bands, halfway through a track at the same length, you'd have me half asleep from boredom or have relegated my listening from really grabbing my attention to mere background noise. BSBF really has a grasp at making noise enjoyable. This song is , dare I say it, almost danceable.

Good noise bands, to me, are few and far between. Overall, Gemini is a great CD and a perfect introduction for anyone looking to delve into the noise genre. More than the meandering mess of most noise bands. Blue Sabbath Black Fiji is definitely in that small group.

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Gemini
Available through Deathbomb Arc

Artist of the Week: Grrrips

These days lo-fi is a big deal. Wavves, Vivian Girls, Crocodiles; if you're recordings are lo fidelity and your songs are reticent of surf, noise, goth, new wave, or some combination of the four you'll probably get noticed to a certain degree. As I've stated before I am not against this tide of lo fi bands getting their due. I'm a fan of a lot these bands. My only gripe about this trend is that it's a trend. It's style over substance. This will eventually die out and only the ones whose music really stood first and foremost before the style will be left standing. Bands like Deep Sht and this weeks artist, Grrrips.

Grrrips version of lo fi is more calculated than a lack of recording means. When Ryan Seymour performs his music live his recordings make more sense. With other bands its usually the other way around. Utilizing a contact mic inside a breathing mask, his haunted howling of vocals convey a gothic tendency while underneath it all the guitar, acoustic mind you, is sonically hypnotizing all the while maintaining a pop sensibility that carries the songs from beginning to end.

Currently he's working on more material for Grrrips as well as a new project with good friend Cris Cichocki called State Recreation.

Check out his music at

Weekly Fliers (10/1/09)

We all want to find our way in life. We lose our way sometimes. But that bond to what we want out of our lives should be strong enough to pull you back to where you need to be. Unfortunately we lose hope sometimes. It's problem we all face, it's only human. Yet hope is never truly lost. Real hope can be found in the smallest things, the littlest of gestures, the tiniest of events, the quietest of spoken words. I've always had a strong bond to music. I truly feel that music has been my saving grace. Ever heard of the song "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"? I've never listened to the original by Indeep but there was a band called 90 Day Men who used that same title for one of their songs and the video for the songs is a montage of people showing off their favorite albums.

You're never stuck. It may not be a DJ that saves your life. You may not even feel like your life needs any saving. Yet we all do need something that can lift our spirits. One show that I'm excited about is the upcoming show the Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, and Pearl Harbor show on October 2nd at the Che Cafe in San Diego. I've been waiting to see the live incarnation of Dum Dum Girls ever since I first found out about them a few months ago and made them my first artist of the week. Another show that I'm excited for is the 2nd annual Longhair Illuminati Festival in Pamona featuring Mother Hips, Abe Vigoda, Moonrats, and Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound. I've said time and time again, if you have the opportunity, don't miss out on seeing Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound. They are one of the best bands around. Period.

That's all for this week. I'll try to be a little less sporadic with my updates. Take care and remember to check with venue for any schedule changes or cancellations.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wavves - Hula Hoop

I'm a bit on the fence about the lo-fi craze going on. On one hand, most of the bands that are attached to this scene (Blank Dogs, Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles, Christmas Island) are just simple pop music recorded under lo-fi circumstances. Then again, I've never had anything against pop songs. I love a well written pop song. Recently, my favorite drummer of all time, Zach Hill, also of Hella, is drumming for one of these bands that is attached to the lo-fi craze, Wavves. The video does no justice to how amazing this guy is and, at least for myself, how much better he makes Wavves. Some call his drumming excessive. Well, I've seen video of Wavves without Zach Hill and I dug it. I didn't love it but it was entertaining. Yet when I saw Wavves at the Casbah with Zach Hill, let me tell you, I was a little reluctant at first, thinking that his drumming would be toned down. Yet when they exploded into "So Bored" I was blown away. His drumming really fills in the gaps that I was ready to nitpick at. Certainly, this version of Wavves is an argument "for" the lo-fi mania.

Wavves from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

Zach Hill, Carson Mcwhirter, Studio Jams from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

Zach Hill - Dark Art - Music Video from Scott Cramer on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Artist of the Week: Not The Government

I met the guys in Not The Government a few months ago when a show that I booked with their friends, Cardio Pulmonary, they had to back out last minute. Isaac, of Cardio Pulmonary, hit up the San Antonio transplants to take their place at the show and NTG obliged.

Not The Government's music is a rarity in the LA music scene, especially at The Smell, in the sense that most bands out there are more experimental and less pop music sensibility. Their hardcore, post-punk roots have lead them to the brand of music that they have created today, less of the contrived experimentation seen in some of the music in the scene in which they exist. Yet, none of the overly hyped, lo-fi, pop music. They're not the "in" crowd of today although they aren't necessarily on the out skirts of what can breakthrough. Evidence of this is here in their music video directed by one of my favorite directors, legend of the b-movie genre and Troma Founder, Llyod Kaufman. Who else but Lloyd Kaufman can understand Not The Government's place in the world as coolest of the uncool. Lloyd Kaufman got his due respect and hopefully the day will come when Not The Government will get their day in the sun.

Come see them play J Dee's Landing in Palm Springs on September 22nd along with Sol District, Moment Trigger, Deracine (Tokyo), and Mikki & the Mauses

Check out their music at or at their official site

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly Fliers (9/3/09)

Hey guys, I'm back after a long stint of being M.I.A. Like Tim Kinsella said "I know what I have to do and do it, but don't know what it is until it's done". It's been a while but here I go with a new week and some new articles. Go check them out as well.

This week we've got some cool show happening this Labor day weekend. On Friday, September 4th, Halloween Swim Team returns to the desert along with Th Girl With Violent Arms, Motel Monster, Narwhal Party, Total Bros, and Orca Team. That's a big show AND it's free! Also this weekend is FYF Fest lots of really great bands and comedians. Kind of wish I was going because Tim and Eric will be there and they're hilarious. And on that same day is the unofficial (I think) after party of FYF Fest at the House on Vermont hosted by How to Be a Microwave. That is their 2nd annual What Job Festival taking place on September 5th and 6th. One more show that I want to mention is on September 5th with a new favorite band of mine, Norse Horse, consisting of members from the Family Time Records fold. Go check them out.

Well that's it for now. as always check with the venue for any schedule changes or cancellations. Take care.

Artist of the week: Wife

What is my ideal wife? A question all hetero males and lesbian women should pose to themselves sometime if they wish to find anything close to what they want out of a spouse. What do I want out of my ideal wife? Something I would look for is someone who is soothing and comforting in nature and yet is willing to navigate the rough seas of life when deemed necessary. Someone who, with patience and an open mind, yields great reward. Someone much like the band "Wife".

Wife is a two piece consisting of Andrew Thomas and Nick Steinhardt. I didn't discover Wife, on my own, they discovered me on Myspace. I think they asked me if I was going to be booking any shows with any ambient bands. After listening to their music, I regrettably said no. I liked their music so much that I wished that I had a show that I could book them on. Their music reminds me of driving through the forests in Oregon, majestic, vast, and seemingly unending. Sometimes stark and lonely but powerful enough where you realize how useless it is to fight how tiny it makes you feel. That you through it all, all you can really do is just take it in.

Go check out their music at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Technicolor Wolves - Ventricles EP

When I was 17 I was in a band called Roswell. We played covers of mostly power pop bands. We tried to write music with a power pop influence. I learned quickly that writing a good pop song was much more difficult than it seems. Especially a good hook. To this day I still appreciate a well written pop song with a catchy hook. One of my all-time favorite albums to this day is Weezer's vastly underrated Pinkerton. One of my favorite bands of all time is The Promise Ring, of whom, a couple members have gone on to form another favorite of mine, a band called Maritime. As of now I am really digging the Los Angeles based power pop band known as Clark 8 and the current hype machine, yet deservedly, Wavves.

Within the past year, a band from here in the desert, Palm Desert specifically, has been playing and writing music with a power pop influence. I first heard of The Technicolor Wolves through the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog. I liked their name, although there have been a lot of "Wolf" band names lately, but that's nitpicking. Sara, of the CVAS blog, emailed me their latest EP entitled Ventricles. She asked me to review it and I obliged.

First and foremost, I think this album suffers from the Yngwie Malmsteem complex, meaning that good musicianship doesn't always translate to good songwriting. It's not to say that this EP is terrible, it's just unmemorable. A good pop song should stay stuck in your head like a broken record and this never had any moments like that. I was bored halfway into each song. Writing this review its difficult to even recall any specific moments as examples. A good pop song should instantly take you somewhere, recalling a favorite lyric at the drop of a dime, almost instinctively it should make you want to sing.

Secondly, Lincoln Jesser's vocals, although talented, seem almost out of place set against the backdrop of syrupy sweet power pop guitar lines and synth melodies. He reminds me of someone trying to conjure up their inner Zach Condon of Beirut fame, which just makes me want to listen to Beirut. His vocals almost clash with the instruments. Also, the lyrics are to wordy, as if there is some sort of identity crisis. Does he want to write a sonnet or does he want to write catchy song?

Personally, one of the things missing in their music is a kind of rough edge. I can equate this kind of lack of emotion to watching a live band with zero charisma. This is not a question of their passion, it's a question of being able to convey true emotion through song. Pop music needs to make me feel compelled and a band this young should have a raw, hungry feel. This makes me feel like I'm listening to Jack Johnson with synth and electric guitars.

Yet I can see why lots of their fellow high school classmates would have been able enjoy this music. In a live setting, this music would be fun and dancey. It's good, clean, fun that your parents would approve of.

Technicolor Wolves - Ventricles EP
Available through iTunes

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Fliers (6/25/09)

Summer is officially here! Which means a lot of bands from a lot of different places are out and about doing their thing hitting up all of your favorite venues and other places you may have never heard of. I'm really excited for all of it! One show I wish I was going to is tonight at The Smell with a lot of really good bands like Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound, The Enochian Keys, and Voice on Tape. Then tomorrow night at The Smell is a real Battle of the Bands. I don't know how it's supposed to go down but one band is pitted against another band. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Also this weekend, Griefshare is one lucky guy. Not only does he get one party/show with really good bands, he gets two! Starting Saturday night at J Dee's Landing in Palm Springs, he'll be playing with Meho Plaza, Double Dagger, Kyle Mabson, and Grrrips. And then on Sunday, in San Diego at the Kava Lounge he'll be playing with Stage Kids, Motel Monster, a.passerbye, Suspenders Malloy, and Slowair. Come out to either or both of these shows and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Do you like ninjas? Do you like face melting music? Then on July 1st at 2nd St. Jazz in Los Angeles, Little Tokyo to be exact, two of my favorite ninja themed bands, Random Ninjas, and Ninja Academy are playing with some other ninja bands. This show is a ninja dream come true. Also on July 1st, Minutemen legend, Mike Watt, and his band The Missing Men will be playing live at the Olde Towne Pub in Pasadena with Stab City and Dharma Bums.

One last thing, beginning tonight, every Thursday at J Dee's, Evaro will be performing as part of their residency. Go check that out.

That's all for this week. I hope to see you guys out at some of these shows. Say hello if you see me. As always, check with the venue for any last minute schedule changes or cancellations. Take care.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Fliers (6/12/09)

Hey guys, welcome back. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I Just want to mention a show worth checking out which is the Taco Zone Benefit show. Some vandals attempted to torch the Taco Zone truck, leaving it with huge holes on the roof of the truck. Some kind LA folks are getting together to try and raise money to hopefully repair the roof. Lots of surprise guests as well! I hear comedian Aziz Ansari will be performing.

That's all for now. As always check with the venue for any last minute changes or cancellations.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekly Fliers (6/1/09)

Hello, it's been a while. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things you want to do. Sometimes things in life get so overwhelming you're put in a position where the smart choice is to just drop everything and pickup the things that really matter. This blog is one of those things. I do this blog first and foremost for myself. Even if no one read this at least it's something that should be like mantra for me. I do this blog because I love music and always will. Music is a huge part of my life and that will never change. It's one of the few things in my life that has been constant.

That being said let's move forward. This week we've got some really cool stuff to tell you about. First off is the Cochina Festival. This is the 6th consecutive year and this year's lineup will not disappoint. This year they've got Ezra Buchla, Guitarded, Clark 8, Rapid Youth, Hounds, John Thill, Whitman, Pizza!, Stellaluna, plus more! There also pre and post parties happening. The warm up party is happening this Friday at Ports O' Call Bedroom at 2136 E Deodar, West Covina with Nitemate, Pat Regan, Desert Figues, Queen Victoria, and Good Morning Valentine. The Post Party will be happening at The Smell in LA. Performing will be John Thill, American Gil and the Major Dudes, Serows, Stellaluna, and Beckett Warren Zevon. This event will be awesome and is not to be missed. Hopefully I'll be able to get to go to at least one day.

Also happening this week are the opening nights for a couple DJ nights at a couple great venues. First off we've got The Rip Up at J Dee's Landing with Turbo Teen, Freshmess, DJ Vichhy, and Charlie Luthergates. The other one is a Reggae/Dub night entitled Stronghold, hosted by DJ Journee. This one is taking place at this really cool and chill spot called Club Trinidad. Check them out. Also go check out The Racket Club playing at Shenanigans in Palm Springs. They're a great new band that has emerged with a very unique sound. So unique that they seem very out of place with the rest of the bands that are playing that night but whatever. That should be fun.

Last but not least is the reunion of The Velvet Underground performing live at the Echo on June 7th! No Joke!!! No tickets will be pre-sold for this event so first come first serve!!! This will be huge!!! Still don't believe me? Check out the Part-Time Punks myspace page!!!

That's it for now! Thanks for checking back with me. Hopefully this week I'll have some reviews for you and maybe an interview or two. Take care and always check with the venue for any last minute schedule changes or cancellations!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekly Fliers (4/17/09)

Being a resident of the Coachella Valley, I've witnessed the growth of the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Admittedly I did have an inkling of a desire to go this year. Especially on Sunday because most of the bands that I wanted to see were playing that night, mainly My Bloody Valentine.

I was there the first year. That first year, I watched the collapse and the eventual breaking up soon after of Pavement, and witnessed the insanity of a Rage Against the Machine show who, also after playing that year, broke up mere months later. I also saw some really great music and met some wonderful artists thanks in part to getting a part time gig handing out fliers for Goldenvoice. Those days are over and I now stand before you jaded and bitter. Coachella was supposed to be a progressive event where many lesser known acts would be able to showcase their talents on a large scale. That isn't the case anymore. You get the occasional act like No Age, Vivian Girls, Haunted Graffiti, and Themselves but it seems it's about quantity and not quality. They seem to bring back the same acts year after year. Do we really need to see Perry Farrell, Thievery Corporation, Peanut Butter Wolf, Atmosphere, or The Chemical Brothers for the umpteenth time? This is also coupled by the fact that Coachella was sold to a promotion company that does nothing but do these huge festivals all around the country makes me sick. Not to mention the people who think that Coachella is the apex of musical taste.

I say FUCK Coachella!!! I say fuck this annual hipster convention!!! You don't need to spend over $200 per day!!! (Believe me, you will when you consider the cost of tickets plus food, drink and other things like merch) Go see some good bands for not much at all. Yeah, you may have to drive out of town and spend money on gas. But consider the other option, standing next to some sweaty, smelly, tweaked out, dude in the heat, while drinking a tiny $2 bottle of water knowing full well that you'll probably end up buying at least 5-10 more of those at the same price, watching a band that you could see at a fraction of the price elsewhere for a longer amount of time. I'll spend the $20 in gas, watch a good show for at most $10, in a well ventilated room, sipping on a big drink that I probably will spend less on than that $2 bottle of Coachella poison swill, and afterwards hitting up Alberto's or that kick ass taco truck parked near the Echo spending a measely $5 for a huge ass burrito all the while feeling contentment at the fact that you watched a fucking awesome show that a few years down the road people will pay $100 to see at Coachella when they become the hip artist to listen to. Yes, Wavves, sorry, but I'm talking about you.

Yes, you can go see Wavves now before they become hipster fodder at the Casbah on Friday the 17th along with some other really good bands like Christmas Island, The Dabbers, and Bi Polar Bear. So what, you're missing Paul McCartney. I'm sure your presence there won't be missed especially as he goes home to roll around in all the cash he raked in from Coachella, all Demi Moore style a'la Indecent Proposal.

This weekend is filled with lots of good shows so go check them out. I do feel that people should go to Coachella once if they've never been before and would like to know the feeling of being fucked by a huge promotion juggernaut. But if you're one to learn from example rather than experience take my advice; go to these shows instead. The bands will thank you for it.

As always check with the venue for any schedule changes or cancellations.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Artist of the week: Daniel McCoy, but you can call him mammal

I met Daniel McCoy almost nine years ago at a show that I played with my old band. He had seen us play previously at another show and came to see us at this show we played at this coffee house in Palm Desert. After we had played his friend and him approached me as I was putting my gear away and told me how much he liked our music. Surprisingly he and his friend Nick played that same show doing a three song set. It was just the two of them on their electric guitars and sharing the same mic. Daniel's raspy voice paired with Nick's nasally croon and the dueling yet minimal guitars really caught my attention. You don't see that kind of sincerity and humility in music very often. I'm drawn to this kind of open, heart pouring, kind of songwriting that he's done in the past. He's never released any of his music to the public and I think mostly because what he's done is so personal that for the kind of person that he is, you'd really need to be someone he feel comfortable giving it to.

I was fortunate enough to have played with him in a couple bands and I can tell you first hand how amazing a musician he is. Once, he gave me a copy of some of the music he had been recording around the time his girlfriend had moved to Japan. He'd been saving up to go visit her for a month. The CD simply read "21 Songs by Dan McCoy".

Upon listening to this CD, I saw what he'd been going through in his head and how much he missed her. This kind of songwriting is rare. It's so personal. To open one's self for the world to examine can be an excruciatingly difficult. Some are to afraid to do this so they only open up partially and only let the world see what they want them to see. They say it cryptically so as to make you work just to understand the story.

Dan wrote cryptically but in an obvious manner. The only other person I can compare him to is Daniel Johnston. There was one song on that CD that really brought tears to my eyes. It was so heartbreaking you'd have to be a heartless bastard to not get at least a little choked up hearing it. The opening lyrics went "Here I am standing/on bended knee/please, don't leave me here". Honestly, that was my favorite CD to listen to for a few months. Going back to it now, once again, I've yet to put it down and is on heavy rotation on my iPod.

Fast forward to recently. I haven't seen Dan in a while, mostly because we live on opposite sides of town. So, I get this message on myspace from this person called mammal regarding a show that the group Themselves was playing locally. He was asking when this would be and at the bottom he tells me that it's Dan McCoy. He also tells me to check out his new music. Now I've always know that Dan was into hip hop. But actually making hip hop was something that I never thought he would attempt. Yet I checked it out and it was amazing. I shouldn't have put it past him. He's always been so good with music that if he put his mind to it he definitely would excel in it. It's just a little baffling how he got to this point. Then again it's not so far fetched knowing how talented Daniel is, or should I call him mammal now.

Go check out his music at

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekly Fliers (4/7/09)

Welcome back. I hope all is well. Life always has a way of making things interesting. We never know what the next card will be. For example The Fauxchella Festival. Last week I told you guys about this show especially because I was stoked on Abe Vigoda performing. Unfortunately, the show was canceled because the spot where they were going to have it, the roof of Crazy Gideon's, Gideon himself, after having fire marshalls inspect the place, decided the the show might be too big and get to crazy. Now Abe Vigoda dropped out. They're in the process of trying to find an alternate venue. Good luck to them. Fortunately all of you who were wanting to go see Abe Vigoda that day can see them the next day in San Diego at The Loft at UCSD along with No Age. No flier for that show but should be good anyway.

Gotta keep this one short. Have a good week kiddies. As always check with the venue for any last minute cancelations or schedule changes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Review: Alien Soundtrack/Sunken Landscapes split CD

Those of you who know me personally, know that my musical tastes range from the easily accessible to the downright questionable and everything in between. I have never been one to shy away from challenging myself to listening to something that casual listeners would find "just noise". I don't always "get" what the band is trying to achieve but I understand that they have a point of view that they are trying to put across. Whether they achieve it is another subject entirely. Many times artists just have to cut the chord.

The realm of psychedelia in music is one such area that I have never fully understood. I've never tried anything harder good ole' THC and to an extent have never partaken in its complimentary attributes while experiencing some form of psychedelia. One friend told me he never understood The Doors until he smoked pot while listening to them. So, in that perspective, you can understand where I'm coming from when I say that I wished I was high when I was listening to this split CD.

Not that the music is bad or anything I just think I would "get" what they are going for much easier while high. While sober you try to make sense of things and put things in order. You try to catalog all the things you experience into neat little groupings in order for you to make the proper decision of whether or not you like something.

So in order to make sense of the music in my sober state, I tried to think of the closest thing that would be similar to what I had to critique; a noise band. From a completely noise perspective it is definitely something that makes the grade. Yet there comes a point when you're listening to stuff like this where you start to feel drained. Once again, not because it's bad, but because you're concentrated on what is actually being played so intently that you feel tired. (Or maybe that's just the introvert in me) You also get to a point where halfway through a CD by bands like Alien Soundtracks and Sunken Landscapes you start to question if what you're listening to has broken down into random music fuck arounds. At times, it's difficult to say.

I will say this; at the risk of sounding like a total pretentious, noise band music elitist, asshole, I see what they're going for. Notice that I didn't say "I get it" because I don't. I was able to witness a live set of Alien Soundtracks as they played the final song on this split, Scattered Wreckage. So there is obviously structure to what seems like madness since I was able to distinguish the song that they played that night amongst the songs on this CD. Maybe one day I'll take that leap and try to understand it, if you catch my drift. It's definitely a great effort on both bands part. But once again, it's not you, it's me.

Alien Soundtracks/Sunken Landscapes - Split CD
Available through Nihil Underground

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Fliers (4/2/09)

Welcome everyone to this weeks edition of The Weekly Fliers. Yes I changed then name due to the fact that I have been finding myself posting these a little later than Tuesday so I thought I'd make it easier on myself and post it anytime during the week. This week we've got some great shows to tell you about.

Just a few to make sure you check out, this Friday, April 3rd, at the Indio Polo Grounds will be the return of Fatso Jetson to their hometown playing a show with a bunch of other bands benefiting children with M.S. Please go, you're helping out a well deserving cause and at the same time you get to check out some great music.

Lately there have been a lot of shows/festivals that have grown around the idea of the big annual Coachella Fest. Personally I can't stand festivals especially over rated, over blown, over priced, juggernauts like the Coachella. I only go to this thing if I can get in for free or for cheap, which there are multiple ways of doing so. Those of you who have done one of these methods in the past know what I'm talking about. But if you still can't figure out a way to get in one of these ways, there is always an alternative. Go check out Faux-chella on April 10th. Playing that show will be Abe Vigoda, Blue Jungle, Bastidas, Sons & Daughters, amongst many others. It's only $10 and you get either a beer or wine upon entry. But if you prefer, with another $2 donation you can get a pretty heavy handed mixed drink. That should be a good time.

One final show to mention is the KXLU Fundraiser supporting Free Form Radio. This takes place on April 11th and features one of my favorite bands Meho Plaza. Also playing are Foot Village, Voices Voices, The Happy Hollows, and others including No Age doing a DJ set.

That's all for this week. As always check with the venue for any last minute schedule changes or cancellations.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dum Dum Girls - Catholicked

I really have to thank Rogers and everyone else at Family Time and the Family Time Blog for introducing this band to me. This band is one of my new favorite bands. I'm going to have to pick up a copy of the "Yours Alone" 12" EP soon. Check them out: Dum Dum Girls.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Flier Tuesday (3/24/09)

Welcome everyone to another edition of Daily Dares Flier Tuesdays. I was asked recently why I post these fliers especially if I have no stake in who actually goes to these shows. I make no money helping people advertise these shows, so why bother? Well, the answer to that is multi-faceted. Obviously one reason is that I want to get the word out about the music not just in my own home town but everything here in Southern California. SoCal is my home and I'm damn proud of it.

Yet one of the biggest reasons is that I actually enjoy seeing the creativity and time that goes into these fliers. Take for instance the flier for the show taking place on the 29th of this month with TPF!, Narwhal Party, Conejos and others. The one with the shark. I don't know the correlation between the shark and the bands that are playing that night but it drew me in. Someone put some thought into that. Or the artwork done for the Jared Mees and the Grown Children show at the Knitting Factory on March 30th. There have been nights where I wished that I could shoot my brain out of my head like the guy in the picture, usually after night of way to much Budwiser. And I've always liked the fliers made by Planet Lunch like the one he made for Evident, Golden Animals, Slipping Into Darkness and a few others taking place on April 3rd at The Point After.

Aside from the aforementioned shows you should go check out The Mae Shi, Pre, Foot Village, and Past Lives at The Smell on the 26th. I think I might be there. Also go to the Kava Lounge on the 29th in San Diego for the One Night Only show. I'm disappointed that I will have to miss this show for a multitude of reasons. Yet you shouldn't. Go check out the fliers for yourself. I'm sure you'll find something worth checking out.

That's all for now. As always check with the venue for any schedule changes of cancelations.