Monday, April 12, 2010

HEALTH - We Are Water

I've known about this video for quite some time after reading a twitter post from Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric Awesome Show fame. After finding out that he was directing the new HEALTH video so many images ran through my head. What was it going to be like? Was going to be like their latest ads for Old Spice? Or maybe more like their work with in Tom Goes to the Mayor. Little did I know that, besides the gross out factor, it would be far from any frame of reference that I have come to think regarding Eric Wareheim's body of work. It has beautiful camera work, the pacing is immaculate, the timing of the music with video is on point. Everything works in confluence. Even more so, this video makes me rethink the capabilities of Eric Wareheim as a director.

Captain Ahab - The End of Irony

Quite the departure from what is typically expected of Captain Ahab, The End of Irony of is definitely not your average Ahab album, but in a very good way, not that their previous efforts were bad. Bands like Captain Ahab can easily become a two dimensional joke band but they've always been more than just your average speedo wearing, screaming into a microphone, dance inducing kind of band. Meaning they've always managed to think outside the box. This video is a companion piece to their latest album. Still has your fair share of Jim Merson in speedos though, so they haven't strayed to far from their original mythology. Enjoy!

CAPTAIN AHAB "The End Of Irony" from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

Bobb Bruno remixes Foot Village

Bobb Bruno, mostly known for his guitar work in Best Coast and occasionally drumming for now defunct Mika Miko, has recently put together a remix of Foot Village's track Grace's Death. Get it here: Foot Village - Grace's Death (Bobb Bruno remix)

Michael Nhat - Here's a Mop to Clean The Floor

Micheal Nhat's got a new video! Check it out! Also, in the latest issue of Giant Robot (issue 64) they give a glowing review of his self-titled album. It's on news stands now.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tubby Boots

A couple months ago it was my friend Kyle Mabson's birthday and he threw a birthday show at Pehrspace with Abe Vigoda, XBoXRoX, Signals, and Simo Soo. A few nights prior to that show our friends, Not The Government, had come out to play a show out here in Palm Springs. I had mentioned to Wilton, of NTG, that we were coming out to LA for that party. He was stoked that we were coming out for that and wanted us to come and chill with them while we were out there. The night of the party we hit up Wilton to see where he was at and he said to come to the Tribal Cafe which was around the block from Pehrspace. There was a show going on before the show at Pherspace and a band called Tubby Boots was playing. Now, Wilton has never steered us wrong with band suggestions. Every time they came out to play Palm Springs they've brought with him at least one band and each band they've brought out was amazing. This suggestion was no exception. Tubby Boots are three kids beaming with passion for what they do. Unpretentious, unrelenting, and youthful. Their music reminds me of a mix between Sebadoh and Sonic Youth. They have an EP called Sir Dr. Dublin available for free download and you can see them play tonight at McWorld in LA tonight.

Download Tubby Boots new EP "Sir Dr Dublin" here

Zombelle - Go To Her

A staple in the LA/IE outsider folk scene, Zombelle has a new song up for download on LA Record. I first heard about Zombelle when first getting into another staple in that scene, Voice On Tape. I would see her on a lot of the same show lineups as Voice On Tape, John Thill, Whitman, Kevin Greenspon, and S Pineda. I really like what that scene was coming up with. It seems to have slowed down with only Whitman and Kevin Greenspon carrying on with. I really hope that this is a sign that outsider folk is re-emerging.

Download Zombelle's "Go To Her"