Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kevin Greenspon Tells It LIke It Is

Kevin Greenspon is truly one of my personal heroes. He writes really good songs that span across many different styles of music from folk to noise and he runs one of the best labels around. His label is one of the best not only because of his excellent taste and consistency but because of his personal ethics. He isn't shy about speaking his mind about things. For instance his stance on the current "music dynamic":

"The day I give in to a “promo guy” is the day this label is OVER. I’m kind of venting because I’m really tired of people who don’t know what this label is about, hitting me up like they are huge supporters and have the whole catalog blah blah but really just trying to make money off of MY FRIENDS - aka the artists I release. Not happening. This is a personal label- I do everything myself and everyone who’s ever supported me knows this firsthand. Guys in Beverly Hills with management companies obviously don’t know this.

In other news, my split CD with Cloud Nothings and re-issues of 4 sold out releases are going to be available in a few days. I’m really excited about all of them, they’ll be out just before I leave for tour and you can get all 5 of them shipped straight to your house for only $22 because I don’t have to kick back stupid fees to promoters or booking agents or managers or anyone in “the music biz.” Cheaper at the shows.

Thanks to everyone who has ever ordered a CD/tape, came to a show and said hi, emailed me saying you liked the music, or helped make me feel like I should keep doing this my own way instead of just throwing stupid money to a bunch of guys who don’t care about the music my friends and I make, who say “we can do the work for you” to every independent label they can google.

To the guys who took the bait: have fun selling $9 7”s."

For more on Kevin and his label Bridgetown, check out his Tumblr