Friday, May 14, 2010

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - All One

Here's the latest Dusty Rhodes and the River Band music video for the their album opener All One. It also stars Harry Perry. It's a simple video of them doing what they do best.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Avi Buffalo - What's In It For ? (music video)

The latest "indie" darlings to come out of LA, Avi Buffalo, have just come out with a music video for their single What's In It For? off of their latest self titled album. The hipster set, will eat this up.

I.N.C. Mini Doc by Sean Carnage

Sean Carnage has just released his mini documentary on the International Noise Conference. The conference started in Miami and has now taken it on the road making a stop recently at Women House in LA featuring such LA noise acts as Laco$te, Moment Trigger, and Kyle H Mabson.

Batwings Catwings - Gold To Black

I really like Batwings Catwings, have I ever told you this? I do. One of the most fun bands to see live. Now you can pump their jam, Gold To Black, out of your car stereo while cruising around town. Download it here: Gold To Black

Deathbomb Arc and Vice Magazine

On the heels of just releasing Captain Ahab's latest LP, The End of Irony, recently, one of my favorite labels, Deathbomb Arc, curated Vice Magazine's music player. Always pushing the envelope, Deathbomb Arc always has some of the most innovative artists on it's roster. Run by Foot Village's Brian Miller, he's selected for the music player a plethora of awesome jams to fill your workday with. Deathbomb Arc curate the Vice Music Player

Also here's a really rad interview with three of the four members of Foot Village complete with mp3 links to songs referenced in the interview. GIMME TINNITUS

Best Coast - The World is Lazy

Now, after seeing Best Coast live at the Glasshouse recently I was a bit disappointed with their live set. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy their recordings and videos. They have really solid, well written pop songs that I enjoy immensely and like a girlfriend who does something you're willing to overlook because overall they're really awesome to be with, I continue to love a lot of what they do. Who knows, maybe one day they'll surprise me with a really awesome live set.

Also check out a track from their upcoming album that is also featured on XBOX's series Bright Falls here: Our Deal And go to RCRD LBL to download another new track by them here: Far Away

Hawnay Troof living the life out of his car in LA

So Hawnay Troof, better known as Vice Cooler and a founding member of XBXRX, has just released his new Shed Skin EP for free on the Hawnay Troof website. It features remixes from the likes of Kid 606, Death Set, No Age, and Leg Lifters. Go download it here: Hawnay Troof

Oh yeah, and if there was anything more memorable than Vice Cooler getting humped by a dog at this years SXSW, I would love to know.