Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Whup - B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T.

I'm a huge fan of melodic pop especially the kind that doesn't take themselves to seriously. I like bands that don't take themselves to seriously in general. Which is why I like Big Whup so much probably. Big Whup takes the kind of pop that Belle and Sebastian is famous for and makes it their own. Here's the music video for their song B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T. Enjoy!

And go see them tonight at Pehrspace!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kevin Greenspon Tells It LIke It Is

Kevin Greenspon is truly one of my personal heroes. He writes really good songs that span across many different styles of music from folk to noise and he runs one of the best labels around. His label is one of the best not only because of his excellent taste and consistency but because of his personal ethics. He isn't shy about speaking his mind about things. For instance his stance on the current "music dynamic":

"The day I give in to a “promo guy” is the day this label is OVER. I’m kind of venting because I’m really tired of people who don’t know what this label is about, hitting me up like they are huge supporters and have the whole catalog blah blah but really just trying to make money off of MY FRIENDS - aka the artists I release. Not happening. This is a personal label- I do everything myself and everyone who’s ever supported me knows this firsthand. Guys in Beverly Hills with management companies obviously don’t know this.

In other news, my split CD with Cloud Nothings and re-issues of 4 sold out releases are going to be available in a few days. I’m really excited about all of them, they’ll be out just before I leave for tour and you can get all 5 of them shipped straight to your house for only $22 because I don’t have to kick back stupid fees to promoters or booking agents or managers or anyone in “the music biz.” Cheaper at the shows.

Thanks to everyone who has ever ordered a CD/tape, came to a show and said hi, emailed me saying you liked the music, or helped make me feel like I should keep doing this my own way instead of just throwing stupid money to a bunch of guys who don’t care about the music my friends and I make, who say “we can do the work for you” to every independent label they can google.

To the guys who took the bait: have fun selling $9 7”s."

For more on Kevin and his label Bridgetown, check out his Tumblr

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vice Cooler Wants Your Help!

Vice Cooler. He's a punk screamer and a rapper. He's a lover and a fighter. Right now he's fighting to raise money for the Survivor's Fund, which helps women who were orphaned by the Rwandan Genocide. How is he doing this? He's putting together a Kickstarter fund to raise money for the pressing of the benefit LP, NFJM 030. This LP will feature SoCal notables such as Gossip, XBXRX, and No Age along with other great bands like Deerhoof and Dan Deacon. There are different levels of rewards too for those who help out and I have to say they're pretty badass. Go to the Kickstarter fund page to get more info.

This Monday at Pehrspace...

This Monday at Pehrspace, Sean Carnage presents a very special show introducing a brand new band called Physical Forms. It's their first show and they're headlining it. How can a band playing their first show ever deserve a headlining slot, albeit at a small venue like Pehrspace, you may ask. It's because this band features members of Mae Shi, Division Day, Hiking, Bad Dudes, and featuring Busdriver! I predict that this one will sell out so get there early.
More info at

Halloween Swim Team - Pitch Black

Here's the new video for Halloween Swim Team's song "Pitch Black" which comes off the first of their series of three EPs entitled ANTENNAAA. Very sci-fi but also pretty trippy stuff. What I've always appreciated about these guys is their ability to utilize the little resources, make the best of them, and still come out with an awesome video.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Man's Assassination, Man - Cavedad

Here's a really cool new video from Man's Assassination, Man, a band that includes members of Signals.

Dan Plaza - Community Pop

"You remember when school made you draw pictures of a kid of every race/ethnicity holding hands around the world? I mean, that's stupid but obviously it would be amazing if we could actually pull that off. That's exactly what the future attitude is. You've got to stand for something, even if it makes you look like a lameo. And you can't pull sarcasm excuses anymore. No more. Senses of humor are good though. It's all about being lighthearted while believing in something. I'm serious about this." - Dan Plaza

I was first introduced to Dan Plaza's music by my friend Wilton, of Not the Government, via a video post on facebook. It was a song from his performance on KXLU's Demolisten. I was instantly hooked by his positive energy and his uplifting lyrics. I a world of cynics, downers, and people who are just plain angry with something, it's refreshing to hear music that gives you a sense of hope and gives you something to believe in. Check out his site and download some his album.

Dan Plaza's official site

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Lizard - Be Your Own Movement

I used to work for the Trader Joe's in Cathedral City. We would get new transfers occasionally, some of which were from stores here in the Valley. We had just gotten a new transfer in from Palm Desert and I was assigned to work with him in the cooler. The conversation had gotten around to my old band and how he had seen us play a show at the local community college. He said "you guys were really good!" I was modest and told him that we weren't that talented and that we did the best we could do with what we had. He went on to say "No, you guys were really good! You can always tell who plays with passion." Passion. It definitely does make a huge difference.

Big Lizard, Tony Duran on Vocals, Sal Novoa; guitar, James Gastelum plays bass, and Eli Carter is on the drums, are a relatively new band here. I'm not big on hype. I like what I like regardless of expectation. So why else should I do an interview with a band that I'm not super hyped on. Passion. The same passion that my co-worker at Trader Joe's saw in my old band, I see in them. They're young and still have a long way to go but I appreciate them for their heart and I see a lot of potential. I find it important to interview them to hopefully have them be an example of what it means to not only have passion but to also play with passion. They're an example of being your own movement rather than being part of a movement.

AC - I want to start off by saying when I first heard about you guys, I was pretty skeptical. I'm a skeptic in general. So when I first heard you guys, I was pretty excited to see you live. I'm not here to blow up your ego. This isn't some puff piece. I view you guys and NASA Cat, this new crop of bands, as some of the most exciting live bands to come out of the desert in some time.

SN - Thank you so much!

AC - The thing is there's passion and there's playing with passion and you guys have both. With the little hype that you guys have received, albeit mostly word of mouth, how do you feel about this new found attention?

SN - Well, I don't know about the rest of these guys but the more hype we receive, the more humble it makes me. If you let the hype get to you, you tend to lose the passion you once had.

AC - That's interesting, it sounds like you take it in stride. It's kind of not the answer I was expecting. I was kind of expecting the normal "I don't believe the hype" answer. You sound like you accept that it's there but you don't let it change your mindset.

EC - I think that people's enthusiasm for the music is always welcome. It's really neat to see people have a response to this but that's not gonna effect what we do as a band. Definitely it gets people motivated behind the music. It's always nice. It's encouraging. At least people are receiving what we're doing.

SN - It's always cool to play shows and see people sing our lyrics. I'd have to say that's probably my favorite part; seeing people sing along with Tony, that's really cool.

EC - We're definitely against hype that's not deserved.

AC - Do you feel like you've been influenced by any of the local bands? If there are any bands, who would they be?

JG - I wouldn't say they influenced us a lot but Youth Pollution and Hi Ho Silver Away.

SN - Yeah, Hi Ho Silver Away, definitely.

JG - Yeah, I really dig their lyrics.

EC - As far as acts I've seen out here, I'd agree that Hi Ho Silver Away is one of the better bands in the desert. Youth Pollution too, just purely for the fact that it's completely different from what people are normally doing. You see a lot of people who react really strangely to them.

AC - I've seen their name on a few fliers out here. What about them makes you excited for their music?

JG - I'm not saying that they're not good at their instruments, they just play power chords, but when he solos, he doesn't stick to some formula. He plays whatever feels right.

EC - It definitely goes back to what we were talking about; playing with passion. You really can pick up on that.

SN - As far as Hi Ho Silver Away goes, his lyrics are pretty amazing. You feel what he's saying especially when he says the word "fuck", this dude is serious!

AC - Yeah, I've always felt that when you cuss in a song there's gotta be meaning behind it or else it's just a crutch. There's a difference between saying "fuck" and saying "FUCK".

EC - It's a good way of commanding attention.

AC- As far as influences go, in general, who are yours?

TD - Influences for me would be Lux Interior from The Cramps because his stage presence, even though he's been gone for three years now, it's still as powerful as it was in 1977. I'd also have to say Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club. He captured being a tortured artist perfectly and his contribution to the punk scene in the 80's in LA, I feel was just phenomenal. Their first album should hailed as one of the greats.

JG - For me, a lot of punk like TSOL, but I would say Sebadoh stands out. They're definitely an influence. Lou Barlow man...

AC - Were you a big Dinosaur Jr fan?

JG - Uh, no...

AC - How about Folk Implosion?

JG - I have a 45" of theirs.

AC - What about you Sal?

SN - This won't come as a surprise to James but one of my biggest influences is Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. I don't know if you can tell by the music we play but blues really influences me. To me blues comes straight from the heart. Some people got it, some people don't. As far as Billy Gibbons goes, he doesn't play the craziest riffs in the world, but there's so much passion and heart in what he's playing. When I heard ZZ Top for the first time I was listening to "Tush". That main riff was really awesome! It was actually my dad's cassette and I asked him who was playing and he showed me the tape and all you saw was these two dudes with long ass beards. He told me it was ZZ Top and that they were from Texas, which is where I'm from. From then on I fell in love with ZZ Top and I knew I wanted to play guitar.

JG - I remember when we were in elementary school, it was probably third or fourth grade, he had this manila folder with ZZ Top written all over it!

AC - That's funny because most people's perception of ZZ Top is this kind of band that you don't take seriously because the music was kind of goofy, with the long beards and the funny music videos. They were never a band that I ever took seriously until later as I got older. But I think that an honest answer like that is great. To many people try to act cool and hide their more embarrassing influences.

SN - Yeah it's funny, after elementary school, James and I never really talked. But when we first started playing music together, one of the first things he said to me was "hey, do you still listen to ZZ Top?"

EC - Well, since we're on the subject of more embarrassing influences, probably Bjork was one of my earliest influences.

AC - Aw, don't be embarrassed of liking Bjork.

EC - But more recently I've been listening to Discord bands like Black Eyes and Q and not U. Lately I've been listening to a band called RVIVR. I've taken a lot from that band.

AC - What bands from out here do you guys feel people should be paying attention to?

JG - I would say probably Baby New Year.

AC - He's been around for a little while. What about him do you like?

JG - It's just sincere. His lyrics are very sincere. He's a great musician too.

AC - What is the writing process like for you guys?

SN - As far as the music goes it's been James and me.

JG - It starts with an idea and Sal will come up with a guitar part or I'll come up with a bass line and it kind of builds from there.

SN - I remember being in the car with my family on our way towards Cabazon and a riff came to mind. I really liked it and I didn't have a guitar so I grabbed my sister's cell phone and hummed just so I could record it and remember it.

AC - How about lyrically? Are there certain themes that you usually play with?

TD - I don't really have set themes. Whatever I feel reflects the song I try to write something for it. It could be a dream that I don't really remember. There's that song we have about rape. It's one of my favorite ones. They just come from all over the place. It all stems from me.

AC - You guys are originally from the Indio/Coachella area. If at all, in what ways do you think your hometown has effected your music?

SN - Well, yeah, there really isn't much to do out here. Besides the band I really have no life. I guess to some extent it does have some effect on the music.

EC - I think that regardless of where you're at, the fact that there is nothing to do is a good motivator for making music.

AC - What are your feelings on all-ages venues versus playing in bars?

EC - Bands cater so much to these bar environments, especially in the Palm Springs area. I just think it's bullshit that we're limited to playing in these bar environments. I think it's pretty crucial get the all age thing. A lot of the demographic for music are under age. There's really only a small group of people who are 21 and up that are going out to see a show.

AC - Do you think an increase in all age venues will attribute to an increase in bands here in the valley?

SN - I think so. Any kid, after seeing a band play, could be inspired to start a band. Just an increased opportunity to inspire.

EC - The one cool thing that I've seen come out of this whole 21 and up environment is the ingenuity of the kids out here.

AC - I've always been more attracted to people who are their own movement than to those who are trying to be part of a movement. Where do you guys feel you fit into that statement?

SN - Well, kids can be a little ignorant. They want things to fit into what they think is better. I've had kids tell me that we should get someone who can sing. They don't know what they're talking about. I don't want to be part of any movement especially not theirs.

AC - Yeah, I kind of feel like people out here would rather adhere to an aesthetic than to experience something new.

JG - Yeah, take for instance Youth Pollution. They're a punk band but not the normal punk band. They would play a show and all the other punk kids would just stand around waiting for them to finish just so they can hear their punk bands. I listen to punk like Minor Threat and I have the same influences as them but it just seems like they don't appreciate anything else.

AC - So I would venture to say that you subscribe to the whole Mike Watt, punk is what you make of it, attitude.

EC - Yes.

SN - Yeah.

AC - It seems like the kids out here would rather subscribe to an aesthetic than to actually just be open to a wide variety of things. How does that make you feel.

SN - It's pathetic. To me, if a bands good than a band is good. It doesn't matter what style they play.

AC - Well, it goes back to how you feel about ZZ Top. You can like TSOL and like ZZ Top.

SN - Yeah! If a bands good give it up to them.

AC - I always try to be honest with everything that I say. I'm not going to tell you that I'm interviewing you because I think you guys are the greatest band I've ever heard. That would be a discredit to you. I feel that you guys have potential. I've seen the tiniest amount of hype swallow up many a band here in the valley.

SN - The last thing we want is for the appreciation of the music to be lost.

Check out more of Big Lizard on their Myspace.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Power Axe - The Volcano's Peak

Hardly anybody makes angry music anymore. It's funny, when I was younger, I didn't listen to very much angry music. The stuff I listened, I thought was angry and aggressive, but in all honesty it was never consistently loud and angry. Now that I'm older, for some strange reason I'm playing catch up and really wanting to hear music that makes you feel like destroying everything in your path. I like bands that play really good melodies and harmonies just as much the next hipster, listening to Fleet Foxes, Beach House, or Grizzly Bear, riding his fixie, cloth bag in tow, while headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some hemp protein powder because they're vegan now but if absolutely necessary they'll eat chicken, just like last week when they were at their favorite dive bar and had one to many PBRs and needed something to soak up all that alcohol, so in an emergency they stopped off at the nearest taco truck and had a pollo asada burrito with everything including beans which were probably made with lard but it was soooooooo worth it!... But I digress. Power Axe. The band's name alone says "I will kick you in the fucking teeth!" This is the kind of loud angry music I want to hear. They've described their music as sounding like the fog rolling over the volcano's peak. YES, that's exactly what it sounds like, ominous, conjuring up images of orcs and demons and devil dogs gathering to do battle against all mankind. It's the kind of stuff that most of the hipster set are afraid to partake in because it's to aggressive and would ruin the clothes that they so carefully made look like they just woke up from an all night bender with the guys in Vampire Weekend... oh wait those guys are so two years ago right? Anyway, go check out Power Axe and get ready to break something.
Power Axe on Facebook
Power Axe on Myspace

Zach Hill x No Age

Here's the new video from Zach Hill for the song Sacto Smile off of the album Face Tat. This song is a collab with No Age. Makes me want to destroy stuff! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sean Carnage 5 Year Anniversary Show

Sean Carnage is celebrating their five year anniversary of putting on some of the best shows in the LA area. Join the celebration on Monday, August 2nd!!! Congrats! Keep on doing what you do!

KXLU's Demolisten

Living in Palm Springs, not until a couple years ago I've never heard of KXLU's Demolisten. It's apparently been around since 1984 giving up and coming bands a chance to show off their demo on radio. To the best of my knowledge, about a year ago they began posting some of their live performances on youtube. Here are a few of my current favorite performances.

Bridgetown Records - Tape's not Dead

Recently on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, uber-producer Danger Mouse talked about how his first EP was released on a record label that produces small quantity releases (most times in the hundreds) often times only on cassette tape. Kevin Greesnspon's Bridgetown Records is one of those labels that does this. These days labels like this are a dime a dozen. So what's so great about this growing anomaly in the music industry? What's so special about, specifically, Bridgetown? What does it mean for everyone involved, from artist to consumer and everyone in between? First of all let me introduce you to Kevin Greenspon.

I found out about Kevin through seeing his name frequently involved with my friend's band, No Paws, on fliers for shows at Ports o' Call Bedroom and other events. I checked him out and really liked his music. It was folky at the time when the term outsider folk was being kicked around amongst many of his peers such as Voice on Tape, Zombelle, Whitman, John Thill, and Sean Pineda. Outsider folk, to me, was anyone that had a folk sensibility yet wasn't trying to be the next Dylan. It had a heart that was missing from folk that I hadn't heard in quite some time and each of those artists that I previously named have a unique voice of their own. Kevin was, to me, the newcomer to that group. I've been a fan for a while now. We had made a connection via the Internet and I've followed his music and all things he's been involved with since then.

I don't know how long Kevin's been doing Bridgetown. My guess is it's been about two years. Labels like his are nothing new under the sun though. Punk bands have been making small run, self released albums for years. But in an age where any and every kind of media can be downloaded, labels like Bridgetown, have become extremely important to the survival and proliferation of artist driven music. The "art of the album" has been somewhat lost. These days it's very easy to download single tracks from an album, leaving out the tracks that are less favorable, not realizing that some of these bands release the full length album with the intent of the listener hearing the album from beginning to end in order to tell a story. The album artwork and packaging also provide something that a Jpeg can't. And in the case of an artist like Danger Mouse, the collectability and value of his first cassette has skyrocketed.

Selling batches of CDs and cassettes is also a concept that isn't new in the DIY arena. It's commonplace. But what makes the Bridgetown batches so special is it's consistency. A lot of DIY labels tend to waver in it's releases, sporadically putting out albums, all the while becoming stale with it's roster of artists. Bridgetown negates this occurrence by putting out it's releases all at one time, giving the buyer the option to buy single albums, multiple albums, or the complete batch all at consecutively better deals. Their summer batch features CDs from such notable bands as Weed Diamond, Vehicles Blues, and Ancient Crux whose last album, Interracial Coupling, sparked a lot of interest in another one of my favorite labels, Family Time.

Bridgetown Records recently has seen write-ups and mentions from some of the biggest taste makers today such as Stereogum, The Fader, and Vice and for good reason; the selection of bands that he chooses to release records for is impeccable. They're tiny gems waiting to be discovered. Check them out for yourself. Tons of free mp3s on the site as well as info on upcoming shows for bands that Bridgetown is currently involved with.

Download the Bridgetown Spring sampler here
Download the Bridgetown Summer sampler here

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LA Record 100

If you live in LA and don't know what LA Record is then you've been living under a rock. If you live in the Southern California area, go to shows in the LA area, and don't know who they are, then you're walking around with blinders. LA Record is, in my opinion, the number one taste maker in the LA area. I remember getting their print issues every time I'd go to LA for a show. They used be this large, one sheet, newspaper format but have grown even including the latest news online via their website. The great thing about them is they stay true to their roots. Although they do have articles about really big acts coming through LA they still talk about little known bands that deserve attention. They're celebrating their 100th issue with a month long festival. Lots of great events at many great LA venues. Check out their site. For those who live in LA, or those who plan on making the trek out their often, should think about taking advantage of the LA Record 100 card. This card gets you discounts and specials at all events, sometimes even free entry.

Wavves - King of the Beach

I'm completely skeptical of hype yet I'll give anything a chance. I try not to let the hype get to me. Kind of like when Kobe Bryant would constantly get asked about the levity of playing in such a classic series such as the Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry. He would constantly tell everyone that it really didn't matter. Doing so helped him think clearly about the objective. I did the same for Wavves. When I first started hearing about Nathan Williams, some of my friends would say that his previous band, Fantastic Magic was better although Wavves to them was good. Others would say the opposite. It's strange to think that the same person who is doing Wavves, a Cali-punk band doing songs obviously influenced by the place he lives, San Diego, was doing music much closer to Devandra Banhart. Then again, I shouldn't think it to odd.

I wasn't instantly floored by Wavves when I first heard them. In fact, I was kind of talking shit. Saying things like "the lo-fi sound is great for the album but I wonder if he could pull off these songs and make them sound interesting live". Lo-fi albums can run the risk of not delivering live. For instance Best Coast and Vivian Girls. The only way I could ever prove or disprove this thesis would be to go to one of their shows. I finally saw them live and was impressed. Yet how can he follow this up? I was very excited when I heard the track Cool Jumper that Nathan Williams did with Zach Hill. It was a sonic leap forward. Very unexpected for those not familiar with Zach Hill's body of work. Then came along Jay Retard's old backing band.

Jay Retard's old backing band joined Wavves leaving me a bit disappointed. I really wanted to hear more of what Zach Hill brought to Wavves. I felt like he was going to slide back into what was familiar. Little did I know that King of the Beach was going to be a pure pop magic. Nathan ups the pop ante by weaving in some Cali influence a'la Beach Boy/Brian Wilson instrumentation while still keeping enough punk to keep it raw enough for even the most skeptical, such as me. Thank you Wavves for providing me with the soundtrack to Summer 2010. Check out the live stream of King of the Beach on Fat Possum Records.

Tetricide - Inside the 8-Bit Aesthetic

As many of you may know, I'm a huge geek. I love comic books, sci-fi and horror films, amongst a lot of other nerdy things. One of my loves is the world of 8-bit games and graphics. I guess because it hearkens back to a time much simpler. Recently Sean Carnage posted on his site a mini doc on the exhibit that Walt Gorecki is curating which features artists who have created works that combine the 8-bit aesthetic with music and more specifically music from the LA area. Check it out. I especially love the re imagined version Super Mario Bros in which the artist turned Mario into Brian Miller.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bizzart + Walter Gross = Screwtape

Saw this on Hipsters Heart Hip Hop. I've been into Bizzart for quite some time. I think the first time I heard his music, more like his version of someone else's music, was on the Quem Quaritis Tribute CD. This is a cool little improv session of Screwtape, the project that he does with Walter Gross, during one of the Hipsters Heart Hip Hop events.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - All One

Here's the latest Dusty Rhodes and the River Band music video for the their album opener All One. It also stars Harry Perry. It's a simple video of them doing what they do best.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Avi Buffalo - What's In It For ? (music video)

The latest "indie" darlings to come out of LA, Avi Buffalo, have just come out with a music video for their single What's In It For? off of their latest self titled album. The hipster set, will eat this up.

I.N.C. Mini Doc by Sean Carnage

Sean Carnage has just released his mini documentary on the International Noise Conference. The conference started in Miami and has now taken it on the road making a stop recently at Women House in LA featuring such LA noise acts as Laco$te, Moment Trigger, and Kyle H Mabson.

Batwings Catwings - Gold To Black

I really like Batwings Catwings, have I ever told you this? I do. One of the most fun bands to see live. Now you can pump their jam, Gold To Black, out of your car stereo while cruising around town. Download it here: Gold To Black

Deathbomb Arc and Vice Magazine

On the heels of just releasing Captain Ahab's latest LP, The End of Irony, recently, one of my favorite labels, Deathbomb Arc, curated Vice Magazine's music player. Always pushing the envelope, Deathbomb Arc always has some of the most innovative artists on it's roster. Run by Foot Village's Brian Miller, he's selected for the music player a plethora of awesome jams to fill your workday with. Deathbomb Arc curate the Vice Music Player

Also here's a really rad interview with three of the four members of Foot Village complete with mp3 links to songs referenced in the interview. GIMME TINNITUS

Best Coast - The World is Lazy

Now, after seeing Best Coast live at the Glasshouse recently I was a bit disappointed with their live set. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy their recordings and videos. They have really solid, well written pop songs that I enjoy immensely and like a girlfriend who does something you're willing to overlook because overall they're really awesome to be with, I continue to love a lot of what they do. Who knows, maybe one day they'll surprise me with a really awesome live set.

Also check out a track from their upcoming album that is also featured on XBOX's series Bright Falls here: Our Deal And go to RCRD LBL to download another new track by them here: Far Away

Hawnay Troof living the life out of his car in LA

So Hawnay Troof, better known as Vice Cooler and a founding member of XBXRX, has just released his new Shed Skin EP for free on the Hawnay Troof website. It features remixes from the likes of Kid 606, Death Set, No Age, and Leg Lifters. Go download it here: Hawnay Troof

Oh yeah, and if there was anything more memorable than Vice Cooler getting humped by a dog at this years SXSW, I would love to know.

Monday, April 12, 2010

HEALTH - We Are Water

I've known about this video for quite some time after reading a twitter post from Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric Awesome Show fame. After finding out that he was directing the new HEALTH video so many images ran through my head. What was it going to be like? Was going to be like their latest ads for Old Spice? Or maybe more like their work with in Tom Goes to the Mayor. Little did I know that, besides the gross out factor, it would be far from any frame of reference that I have come to think regarding Eric Wareheim's body of work. It has beautiful camera work, the pacing is immaculate, the timing of the music with video is on point. Everything works in confluence. Even more so, this video makes me rethink the capabilities of Eric Wareheim as a director.

Captain Ahab - The End of Irony

Quite the departure from what is typically expected of Captain Ahab, The End of Irony of is definitely not your average Ahab album, but in a very good way, not that their previous efforts were bad. Bands like Captain Ahab can easily become a two dimensional joke band but they've always been more than just your average speedo wearing, screaming into a microphone, dance inducing kind of band. Meaning they've always managed to think outside the box. This video is a companion piece to their latest album. Still has your fair share of Jim Merson in speedos though, so they haven't strayed to far from their original mythology. Enjoy!

CAPTAIN AHAB "The End Of Irony" from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

Bobb Bruno remixes Foot Village

Bobb Bruno, mostly known for his guitar work in Best Coast and occasionally drumming for now defunct Mika Miko, has recently put together a remix of Foot Village's track Grace's Death. Get it here: Foot Village - Grace's Death (Bobb Bruno remix)

Michael Nhat - Here's a Mop to Clean The Floor

Micheal Nhat's got a new video! Check it out! Also, in the latest issue of Giant Robot (issue 64) they give a glowing review of his self-titled album. It's on news stands now.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tubby Boots

A couple months ago it was my friend Kyle Mabson's birthday and he threw a birthday show at Pehrspace with Abe Vigoda, XBoXRoX, Signals, and Simo Soo. A few nights prior to that show our friends, Not The Government, had come out to play a show out here in Palm Springs. I had mentioned to Wilton, of NTG, that we were coming out to LA for that party. He was stoked that we were coming out for that and wanted us to come and chill with them while we were out there. The night of the party we hit up Wilton to see where he was at and he said to come to the Tribal Cafe which was around the block from Pehrspace. There was a show going on before the show at Pherspace and a band called Tubby Boots was playing. Now, Wilton has never steered us wrong with band suggestions. Every time they came out to play Palm Springs they've brought with him at least one band and each band they've brought out was amazing. This suggestion was no exception. Tubby Boots are three kids beaming with passion for what they do. Unpretentious, unrelenting, and youthful. Their music reminds me of a mix between Sebadoh and Sonic Youth. They have an EP called Sir Dr. Dublin available for free download and you can see them play tonight at McWorld in LA tonight.

Download Tubby Boots new EP "Sir Dr Dublin" here

Zombelle - Go To Her

A staple in the LA/IE outsider folk scene, Zombelle has a new song up for download on LA Record. I first heard about Zombelle when first getting into another staple in that scene, Voice On Tape. I would see her on a lot of the same show lineups as Voice On Tape, John Thill, Whitman, Kevin Greenspon, and S Pineda. I really like what that scene was coming up with. It seems to have slowed down with only Whitman and Kevin Greenspon carrying on with. I really hope that this is a sign that outsider folk is re-emerging.

Download Zombelle's "Go To Her"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ancient Crux - Insound

So a little over a year ago I did a review for Ancient Crux's album Interracial Coupling (here's the review to refresh your memory). Anyway, I knew that Family Time was putting it out on CD but I didn't know that it was going to be available on Insound for super cheap! $4.80 to be exact!!! I love this CD! You should pick it up! It won't be around for long especially since they've only got a very limited amount in stock. Insound is a really awesome online music retailer. I've been picking up my music from them for years. A lot of times they throw in extra goodies that I wasn't even expecting. Sometimes a cool poster other times some pins or stickers.

Pick up Ancient Crux's Interracial Coupling at Insound

Signals - What Dreams

The Mae Shi is one of my all time favorite bands. So when I heard then news that they were splitting up I was a little bit disappointed. But then when I heard that the touring members of The Mae Shi were staying together and forming a new band called Signals, I was a little apprehensive at the idea. I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that the lead singer, Jon Gray, was in another band called Man's Assassination Man and had been a part of the new Mae Shi lineup ever since their former lead singer, Ezra Buchla, left the band, the drummer, Jacob Cooper, does a project called Bark Bark Bark, and the guitar player, Bill Gray, is Jon Gray's cousin. But I'm an open minded person. The first time I've ever heard them was when they came out and played a show that we put on. It was an amazing show regardless of Bill's guitar amp going out on him at the very beginning of their set. Slowly, more music began to come out and now they've got a new music video, a downloadable mixtape, and a 7" available now. Good stuff. Can't wait for the Pre Coachella Party on April 15th!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

60 Watt Kid

I just recently became familiar with the music of 60 Watt Kid although I've known about them for some time now. The spacey beauty of their music gives me chills. It's like hitching a joyride with The Silver Surfer.

BYODeath - Snowy Eyes

I like BYODeath. They remind me of older favorites of mine like Yo La Tengo and Sebadoh with a little My Bloody Valentine thrown in for good measure. Their new cassette is available now through Bridgetown Records, which is run by Kevin Greenspon. Check them out and pick up their cassette. Limited to only 100 copies.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Michael Nhat - Swimming to Cambodia

Michael Nhat has a new EP coming out soon called Swimming to Cambodia and he just recently posted a couple tracks off of it on his Myspace page. Also, recently one of my favorite magazines, Southern California based Giant Robot Magazine, met with him. Here's their blog about him. Check out the link at the bottom of the blog for his performance on KXLU's demolisten. You can download his performance on demolisten on there as well.

The Deepsea Goes -Oraoneiroi

The Deepsea Goes is a band that has been under the radar in the LA scene for a little while now but are just now beginning to generate a small buzz. We've had the privilege of hosting shows for them twice now and they seemed to get better from the previous show. I'm not saying that they were bad the first time around, not at all. They were incredible the first time. Yet the second time they played they blew me away. Live, this brother/sister, guitar/drums duo play with the intensity and loudness of bands like Mogwai or Boris but without the added drama or slow burn. Tearing through songs on their sets like an arsonist armed with an endless supply of kerosene and a flamethrower, there is never a dull moment.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Norse Horse

Norse Horse is another one of my current favorite bands. This kind of lush pop gets me every time. If I was running through a jungle such as the picture below, their music is exactly what would be running through my head. Apparently, Norse Horse began as a one man solo project with Ryan Beale, writing songs during his tenure in Korea, as the main songwriter but grew into a band. Obvious musical influences from and around the Pacific islands and Asia aside, it bodes that dreamy feeling that I usually get when I'm relaxing with friends at the perfect spot and everything is exactly where it's supposed be and, seemingly, no where else is better than where I am.

Download Norse Horse - Shoot the Kids, Squid Mt, Sun Smog & Joy, Gangplank Galleon, Swamp Trotter, and Sleepers

olFactory Records SXSW Mix

olFactory Records has a free mix ready for your ears but it'll only be available until April 16th. So get on it!!!

Download it here


The great thing about Facebook is that it makes my job a little easier when it comes to telling you guys about up coming shows. Instead of posting a flier now, I can just post a link to the Facebook invite. How sweet is that. Anywho, here ya go.

The Ladder Canyon Campout



Moonrats || He's My Brother, She's My Sister || Halloween Swim Team

Sean Carnage Monday Night!


Garotas Suecas (Sao Paulo, Brazil) @ Space 120!!!


Kría Brekkan & Drawlings in Los Angeles

JOSH MARTINEZ & SLEEP as the Chicharones @ SPACE120

Ty Segall//Slipping Into Darkness//DS:P!//Charlie & the Moonhearts

END OF IRONY west coast tour w/ Captain Ahab & tik///tik

Kevin Greenspon Southwest MINUS South By Southwest Tour

Desert Scum Records California Tour!


Marousa (Japan), Lemon Bear (Oakland) Narwahl Party + More @ Women!!!

Meth Teeth w/Eel Eater and Magic Johnson-FREE

Lemon Bear, Back To The Future The Ride, Cowan, Suzi Star at Sync Space


Batwings Catwings - Finally, some recordings!

So Batwings Catwings have been around for some time now but just recently put up some recordings on their Myspace page. Check them out. I wonder how long it will be before we see a proper LP come to fruition.

Kid Infinity - Got a Big Head

Waved Out

So this show has been touted as a show of some of the best rising artists. It should be a great show regardless although I do feel Best Coast is way better on recording than live. Either way I think I just might check it out. Besides, the Mandoline Grill Truck and an Ice Cream Man will be there!!!

Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound - Do not the clothes make the man

Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound is one of my favorite bands today. The visuals on this video are chilling. They make me feel as if I'm watching the video that kills everyone on The Ring. Song is off of the EP "Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt".

Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound//Do not the clothes make the man?! from Ah Ritualism on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La

Here's the new video for the song "Jail La La" by Dum Dum Girls, a song off of their upcoming full length entitled "I Will Be". I like this version of the song better than the previously unreleased version. It's not so lo-fi which is really getting played out. The song's pop value isn't so covered up by the lo fidelity which can sometimes work in some bands favor (i.e. Best Coast) but not so much for bands that actually have more than slightly below average songwriting talent.

Dazzle Ships

So this brand of goth-y synth pop has been getting a lot of attention these days from bloggers like myself although I've always been a little skeptical of trends. I'm not saying that Dazzle Ships are following any sort of trend. They're doing what they like and that's what matters most. Fortunately, I like their music. Their brand of gloomy synth pop brings me back to my younger days when cool music to me were songs about doomed love and death. A topic I still venture to these days in my own writing but with much less naivete.

Download a couple tracks here

Tonight in Riverside

I will be in Riverside tonight for this really awesome lineup! Everyone should go! This show also marks Kevin Greespon's first show in Riverside since June 2008 and is also part of his South Minus SXSW tour.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Change is good. Embrace it. To often we try to hang on to things that in the end were not meant to last. Enjoy the moment, for good or bad, you're in that moment for a reason. And at this moment I've come to the decision to change things up a bit here on this blog.

With all the recent changes to my life and all movement that has been going on in The Ghost Channel, rather than try and do weekly segments, I found it more feasible to post articles on my blog whenever I feel like it. It won't be the large posts that have been norm on this blog but rather it will be a bunch of short postings at random times of the day.

Let's hope this works out better for me.