Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoobombs - Psychedilc Donuts Rock or Punk Floyd

My gripe with the current psych-rock revival is that there seems to be this slavish adherence to the former aesthetics; visually and auditory. While there are a few bands who have tried break the mold (very few successfully), others subjugate themselves to a style that grows quickly tired. While I do find some of these bands entertaining, I've come to the conclusion that both are missing components that truly separate themselves from the pack; the fact that they don't follow the pack.

Psych rock, for me, has always meant anything that was melodic yet with a rock n' roll foundation. Take for instance bands like Butthole Surfers or The Flaming Lips. Both bands began with this basis yet they have always accepted different aspects of different genres like punk and noise. And then along comes Zoobombs.

I was recently introduced to this band via my friend Dana Poblete's (Batwings Catwings) blog. I watched a few videos of them and listened to some of their music on their facebook and was blown away. This band is truly a good example of what psychedelic can be. Notice the lack of their adherence to the psych rock dress code and the ability to be, in Dana's words, "effortlessly cool". Yeah, I'm putting all psych rock posers on blast. I don't care if Zoobombs never blows up to massive proportions. I know that this band destroys everything else that comes out these days that even claims to be psych.

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