Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Death Grips - Full Moon (Death Classic)

Zach Hill is a wanted man. Not in the sense that he's on the run from the authorities but in the way that many a musician wants his intense and erratic drum stylings as well as his unique production. He's been busy touring with Deerhoof in the project he created with Deerhoof member Greg Saunier called Nervous Cop. In the past he's also worked with Wavves, creating a complete album, which precedes the latest Wavves album, King of the Beach, that has yet to see much of the light of day. Rumor has it he is currently working on an album with David Scott Stone. If you aren't very familiar with Zach's work check out his early work with Hella and, obviously, his solo work.

About five months ago Zach started jamming out with friends and neighbors of his in the Sacramento area. This has culminated into a project known as Death Grips. Get a peek into the world of Death Grips with the music video for their song Full Moon (Death Classic) and also check out the Death Grips site filled with more videos and six downloadable songs.

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